I am Product-minded Engineer


with an entrepreneurial bent.


I am available for hire as a consultant


or a contractor.


Vicente Reig Rincón de Arellano

Product-minded Engineer, Consultant

Email me or reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Throughout my career, I have worked for companies ranging from early-stage and hyper-growth startups to large tech corporations like New Relic, Apple or Atlassian in San Francisco, CA.

I'm a Product-minded Engineer with an entrepreneurial bent. I'm hands-on, curious, and pragmatic. I've built things at scale, at big corporations, companies in hyper growth stage, and startups. I have strong technical foundations. I get things done.

I'm interested in hearing from you; get in touch!


Here are some things I can do for your team:

I have experience in a variety of languages: Ruby, Typescript, Javascript, and Elixir. As well as some web frameworks and libraries: Ruby on Rails, Apollo GraphQL, Phoenix, Remix, NextJS, and React. I am well-versed using and optimizing relational databases like postgresql, timescaledb, and postgis. In addition to key-value data stores like Redis.


A typical contract is for 1 month of work. I am normally booked 1 to 3 months in advance.

I am open to shorter contracts, but prefer longer ones. For shorter contracts, we will divide my monthly rate by the number of days you want, and add a small amount of overhead.


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